Email is arguably the best way to engage your audience in what you’re selling or sharing.

Email is arguably the best way to engage your audience in what you’re selling or sharing, so growing your list is a great way to get people on board with your offer. Whether or not you think of yourself as a blogger, creating original post content will help you enhance your business in a variety of ways. Here’s how content marketing can help grow your email list:

Create a Dedicated Audience

Growing your social media presence is great, but it doesn’t always provide you with a list of people interested enough to make a purchase. When you grow email lists, people you target are strongly indicating their desire to learn more about your product or service — making them much more likely to purchase than someone who hasn’t asked to get to know more about you. Push marketing such as good content encourages others to sign up for your list so they don’t miss any of your wisdom!

Gain SEO Points

Fresh, new content posted to your website is highly appreciated by Google, Bing and other major search engines. It’s important to understand that search engines thrive when they’re able to provide the most accurate and relevant results quickly — often in the first click.

SEO Points Checklist
SEO Points

When your site is found to be relevant and visitors find information that’s engaging to them, you’re more likely to achieve placement on active search results for your keywords. More traffic = more leads, and more opportunities to add visitors to your email list.

Simply Shareable

Creating content that readers value means you’ve got the potential of more eyes on your site and on your offer, because there’s a higher chance that readers will share your blog posts. This free and organic search is incredibly valuable, because your new readers are there because someone in their network valued the idea or information enough to put their name on it and share it out. Once there, a clear call to action for new readers to join your list is crucial.

So, these are only a few of the many reasons why creating new content is critically important for building your email list. Want to learn more? Contact us today


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